Tool And Cutter Grinder

FIAT AF - U-550, TACCHELLA and LA PARORA - BETA 150 are some of the tool and cutter grinders that can be supplied by Lal Chand Metal & Machines. The functions of this machine are to sharpen cutting tools and perform grinding operations. It is important for the operator of this machine to have the knowledge of tool geometry, as well as understanding of the relationship between the grinding wheel and the metal to be cut. It is possible to create many combinations during the set-up. The fixtures integrated in the tool and cutter grinder enables cylindrical grinding as well as grinding complex angles. We have this machine in-stock, ready to ship.


Price: 1001 USD ($)/Piece
  • Delivery Time:1 Week
  • Supply Ability:10 Per Day
Product Image (LA PARORA - BETA 150)

LA PARORA Tool And Cutter Grinder

Price: 1001 USD ($)/Piece

La Parora Tool And Cutter Grinder is required for re-shaping of cutting tools that are utilized in CNC millers, gear shaping machines, and drilling instruments. It is capable of performing grinding operations on variety of shapes including cylindrical, flat, and irregular surfaces as well. This machine is used for defense, military, automotive, and hardware processing sector. It consists of grinding alignment, eccentric swivel plate, table dogs, tangent bar table & angle setting device, reversing switches, and line adjustment taper setting device.

Product Image (ELETTRORAVA)

ELETTRORAVA Balancing Press

Price: 1001 USD ($)/Piece

Elettrorava Balancing Press is comprised of rigid pedestals with suspension & bearings on top for supporting a mounting platform. It is required for balancing of rotors for electric motors including turbines, disc brakes, pumps, propellers, crankshafts, and fans. This machine is highly appreciated for its less vibration while working and is installed with two reliable piezoelectric force transducers for measuring the centrifugal force. It works by bolting the workpiece to the platform and rotating it with a belt or end drive.


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