Plano Miller Machine

Plano miller machine is a horizontal milling machine with a long bed frame. The accuracy and production efficiency of the machine is unmatched when used for heavy machine tools. This machine can be employed for the mass production. Large parts can be accurately machined. Industries that use this machine are automotive, railway, steel, machine tool, to name a few. Our company supplies EZIO PENSOTTI, FAVRETTO -P2000 and MARIO CARNAGHI plano miller machines; all of which are highly efficient, easy to operate and performance oriented. The operations that can be performed using this machine are drilling, finishing, thread cutting, roughing and super-finishing.
Product Image (FAVRETTO -P2000)

Favretto Hydraulic Planer Machine

Price: 1001.00 - 5000.00 USD ($)/Piece

Favretto Hydraulic Planer Machine is comprised of a vertical tool head, column, cross rail, cross beam, elevating screw, and a hydraulically operated working platform. It is mainly used for woodworking for creating a flat & smooth surface and edges of the processing object. This machine can also be utilized for working with different metals that uses relative motion between the workpiece & single point cutting tool. It is ideal for linear and helical planning of architectural items & automobile assemblies.

Product Image (MARIO CARNAGHI)

Mario Carnaghi Planer Machine

Price: 1001.00 - 5000.00 USD ($)/Piece

Mario Carnaghi Planer Machine is utilized by smaller tool & die making factories and also used for repairing large stamping dies & plastic injection molds. It works on the principle of linear relative motion between the workpiece & single-point cutting tool. This machine is suitable for providing smooth finish to flat surface, cutting slots including keyways, and also for drilling holes in cylindrical objects or irregular shapes.


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