Cylindrical Grinder Machine

Our offered array of Cylindrical Grinding Machine has been designed for rendering high quality requirements related to the grinding such as coated rings. The mentioned machine is equipped with spindle that is positioned along the axes of the electronic linear scales. All the components of the grinder are quality finished because of the reduced run out of the clamping chuck. Cylindrical Grinder allows constant rotating of the object and grinding wheel. Feeding of grinding wheel is done away and towards the workpiece and each one of them is traversed with respect to each other.

Key Points:

  • Easy flushing of dust and grinding waste due to the machine bed

  • Clamping of ring can be done manually or via hydraulic chuck

  • Process of filtration ensure separation of grinding waste

  • Coolant is available for the tool via the spindle



Price: 1001 USD ($)/Piece

used CYLINDRICAL GRINDER G. RASTELLI is in perfact working condition.



Price: 1001 USD ($)/Piece

CYLINDRICAL GRINDER Make : LIZZINI. is is as new , in excellent working condition.

Product Image (ZOCCA RU 600/3 )

Cylindrical Grinder , ZOCCA

Price: 1001 USD ($)/Piece
  • Supply Ability:10 Per Day
  • Delivery Time:1 Week
  • Type:Surface Grinding Machine
Product Image (MORARA)

External Grinder , MORARA

Price: 1001 USD ($)/Piece
  • Delivery Time:1 Week
  • Supply Ability:10 Per Day
Product Image (RIBON)

RIBON Cylindrical Grinder

Price: 1001 USD ($)/Piece

Ribon Cylindrical Grinder is suitable to work with different structures including cylinder, cam, crankshaft, and an ellipse. It a type of grinding machine which is required for shaping outside surface of material that has central axis for rotation. This instrument uses an abrasive wheel as its main tool which removes unwanted chips from the surface workpiece in a controlled manner. It functions by constantly rotating the grinding assembly and processing material by traversing them with respect to each other.

Product Image (FORTUNA)

FORTUNA Cylindrical Grinder

Price: 1001 USD ($)/Piece

Fortuna Cylindrical Grinder operates by feeding the constantly rotating grinding wheel having a rough surface towards and away from the workpiece. It is specifically utilized for finishing the outer diameter of cylindrical objects that are used for variety of applications. This machine generally works on objects that have a central axis of rotation. It is also suitable for working with various other shapes including cam, ellipse, or crankshaft.

Product Image (JONES SHIPMAN 1310)

JONES SHIPMAN Cylindrical Grinder Machine

Price: 1001 USD ($)/Piece

Jones Shipman Cylindrical Grinder Machine is utilized for shaping outside surface of workpiece by rotating it on its central axis. It is mainly used for providing a proper curve to pipes, shafts, rods, and spindles that are installed in various industrial machines. This machine can be required for variety of applications including science & technology, marine, aerospace, automotive, and military. It uses an abrasive wheel as its grinding tool which rotates at a specific speed as required according to the type of workpiece.


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